Screens : Nathaniel Sanders

Screens : Nathaniel Sanders

Screens : Nathaniel SandersSCREENS : You don’t know what you have until it’s disconnected

The day I turned 18 I killed my family. It broke me, over the next three months that regret consumed my soul molding the perspective of my entire reality. The only kept me living was the dwindling hope that I could do more than just survive this. And a text sent the day I killed my family. I knew one day they would contact me again.

But with the return of that message and the entity that sent it would come a world of ruin. All technology, every phone, every tablet, every computer, hijacked, absorbing power. This text offered me an opportunity, and I took it – it protected my phone, and now I have the last working device, and it has the power to restore the network.

I’m sending you this because I need your help to reconnect the world. Meet me at the end. Without you, we won’t be able to change anything. I’ll send the address when I have another chance.

I must keep this short; I’m in some serious trouble. I can’t let them know what I’m up to, or everything we’ve done will be lost.

Sasha Taylor

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