Notes From a Dead Planet: Please Prove Me Wrong : Paul Brown


Notes From a Dead Planet: Please Prove Me Wrong : Paul Brown

Notes From a Dead Planet : Paul BrownNotes from a Dead Planet has a premise and a challenge.

The premise: Humans, like all living things, have a built-in drive to reproduce and consume resources beyond the ability of nature to support them. Unfortunately, we’ve evolved the ability to override the natural controls that keep other species from destroying their habitats, so that now we’ve caused a global collapse of Earth’s life support system. Our drive to consume is too powerful for us to overcome, and we are dooming all life on the planet to extinction. Our culture, built around this urge, keeps us from changing our ways. Corporations, a natural result of our drive to consume, own our governments, and they fight all attempts to rein in our self-destruction. As long as we are controlled by corporations, our own creation, we can’t survive. That’s why international efforts to address climate change and mass extinction have failed utterly.

The challenge: Please prove me wrong by taking decisive action today, to stop global collapse. If the world makes the necessary commitment to a single-minded effort to rescue the web of life we depend on, we just might survive. Notes from a Dead Planet offers the solutions; it’s up to you to apply them.

People deserve to know that humans are hard-wired to consume resources until the biosphere collapses, very soon. Although we have the capacity for reason, science, and morality to prevail over our basic instincts, our culture suppresses this. Notes from a Dead Planet explains what people deserve to know, namely, the juggernaut of overpopulation, mass extinction, and global warming; the few remaining solutions that just might reverse it; and the obstacles to recovery. This is the only honest presentation of the full picture, backed up by hundreds of hyperlinks.

Time isn’t on our side, but enough people are suffering from the ongoing collapse that maybe, just maybe, they’ll commit to evolutionary change and we can reverse it.

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