No Greater Faith Than That of Science : Manuel S. Vergara

No Greater Faith Than That of Science : Manuel S. Vergara

No Greater Faith than that of Science : Manuel S. Vergara

Our lives are full of non-material experiences and emotions, such as love, happiness, joy, wonder, empathy, deep connection between mother and child, sense of morality, achievement, realization, all of which speak of our spiritual nature.

There is, however, a great divide nowadays between the purely scientific and materialistic view of the world, which denies the existence of anything spiritual or non-material; and the view that we are much more than pure quarks and electrons and that we are endowed with a rich spiritual, purposeful and meaningful life.

The book tackles profound questions regarding our existence. It explains the facts supporting evolution and the fact that it does not exclude the presence of a Creator who started the process.

It also approaches the main subject of consciousness and the many neurological and physiological explanations for it. Although we understand how the brain works to some degree, that is not enough to explain consciousness, which again points toward transcendence beyond the physical body.

The book also settles the big controversy of free will from a neurophysiological standpoint. It then reviews the big gap and differences between religion and spirituality and the positive and negative aspects of religion, which have moved the current generation apart from those institutions. The book concludes by reporting that the ultimate and deep answers of our existence and the origin of life and the universe lie on faith since most of those questions are not falsifiable for both science and spirituality.

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