Loser’s Memorial : Larry Nocella

Loser's Memorial

Loser’s Memorial : Larry Nocella

Loser's Memorial : Larry NocellaLoser’s Memorial

THE REVIEWS ARE IN! “Gripping!” “Gruesome!” “Unique Premise!” “Vivid & Intense!”

Loser’s Memorial takes you on a dark journey through the surreal and sinister world where war and profit mix. Told with a masterful blend of brutality, humanity and demented humor, the madness of this gruesome thrill ride stays with you right up to the finish!

Told from alternating perspectives between a Moroccan boy falsely accused of being a terrorist, and a down-on-his luck American who ends up in jail, Loser’s Memorial follows both as they descend into the surreal and self-perpetuating world of war for profit.

What Johnny Got His Gun did for World War I, and Apocalypse Now did for the Vietnam War, Loser’s Memorial does for the War On Terror, CIA black sites and the many secret wars going on now. The novel updates the anti-war novel for the current generation.

Brave the banality of evil and remember, sometimes the only way to escape a twisted situation is to become more twisted. Get the novel today!

“I promise I will never join the military. I will deal drugs instead. I will steal. I will go to jail. Whatever it takes to survive, I will do, except join the armed forces.”

So goes the oath that Pete’s radical father forced him to take in 2004, but just a few years later, escaping jail by taking advantage of the newly signed “Cons-to-Soldiers” bill, Pete finds himself in the middle of the Iraq War.

Thousands of miles away, an innocent Moroccan boy named Jamil is kidnapped and sold by bandits who collect bounties for capturing suspected terrorists.

Together the two young men descend into the lawless world of unsupervised military contractors and secret prisons, caught in the profiteering born from the War on Terror, where the surreal becomes horrifyingly real.

Both end up fighting a losing battle to retain their humanity as they learn that sometimes the only hope of escaping a twisted situation is to become more twisted.

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