L.A. Dreams : A.M. Morrell

L.A. Dreams : A.M. Morrell

L.A. Dreams : A.M. MorrellIt’s the 1993 L.A. music scene, complete with drugs, parties, alcohol and women, but twenty-seven-year-old Cory Scott is only interested in one thing. The success of his band Suicide King. His best friend died trying to make it happen and Cory will stop at nothing to make their rock star dream a reality. For himself, his best friend’s memory and for his bandmates. When infamous music legend Alexandra Blake agrees to produce their debut album, all Cory has to do is keep the band together and keep her interested in them long enough to finish the album. Simple enough. Until he meets Alexandra. With one glance at her everything else becomes secondary. The deeper he falls for her-and she falls for him-the more torn Cory becomes between the bandmates who depend on him, the music he thought he was there for, and the woman he needs more than air in his lungs.

L.A. DREAMS is about the bonds of friendship, falling in love, and following your dreams. It’s a novel about the choices and sacrifices one must make when pursuing a dream of fame and fortune.

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