Steep Drop : Kevin Richard White

Steep Drop

Steep Drop : Kevin Richard White

Steep Drop : Kevin Richard WhiteSteep Drop

A troubled young man – unsure, unwilling to conform, in a nowhere job, seemingly trapped in a battle of head vs. heart – leaves his beautiful wife after some years of a rocky marriage. Disappearing, he goes into his head to uncover the truths and lies of his love, wondering about the what ifs, reliving the memories and ultimately coming to the conclusion that he should have never left her. We see the good times and the bad times, how they shaped him and her, and how he was able to come to the decisions and how he somehow justifies his terrible act.

However, when he chooses to reappear and reconcile with her, she wants nothing to do with him anymore, seeing as she went under a transformation of her own. A deep and intense character study of two damaged individuals, Steep Drop is not afraid to dive into the more painful moments of a lover’s thoughts. While the more unsettling pieces of their relationship come to light, it nevertheless shows a poetic beauty and power into the harrowing and undeniable fact that love can conquer all – and if utilized wrong – can damage all as well.



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