When Eagles Dare To Fly : James W HoddinottWhen Eagles Dare To Fly

This is a powerful story of Mitch and Raymond growing up in a society where men have lost purpose. Robbed of pride, men drink to forget their past and hopeless future: alcoholism and the destruction of their families result. Children are forced to endure physical and mental abuse of their mothers and families. The children realize the cycle must be broken. Joining together, they show their parents a better life.

A seemingly insignificant death – a murder – galvanizes the youth to action. Reverting to the ‘old ways,’ the spiritualism of their forefathers, they vow to return to the days when they were a proud and loving people. During their journey they discover an amazing fact. That bigotry and racism are just barriers erected to hide the fact that mankind suffers from the same diseases.

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When Eagles Dare To Fly : James W Hoddinott

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