Re-Elect the President : Michael J. Walsh


Re-Elect the President : Michael J. Walsh

Re-Elect the President : Michael J. WalshMichael Sullivan, elected president in 2016, after four years in office, has erased much of the damage done to the country by the Obama Administration, yet sees great danger in the rise of a growing socialist movement within the Democratic Party. The elitist left has taken over the party in California, Oregon and Washington, and most of the northeast states including New York. He determines four more years are needed to destroy this Godless, freedom denying, political philosophy embraced by the Democrats.

The Democrats choose David Bronson, Governor of California, and Senator Pricilla Morrison to run against him. The President warns the country a win by the socialist Democrats means loss of freedom.

He wins a second term in a close election and goes on to confront the Russians and the Chinese when they threaten the United States, protects the southern border from illegal entry, reforms health care, immigration, social security, passes infrastructure legislation, crushes the socialist movement, and appoints two more Supreme Court Justices. As his second term winds down he campaigns for the election of his Vice President, Bernard Winslow, to win the 2024 election.

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