Jax, Sheba and Velo Make Lunch : Chris LewisJax the robot, Sheba the cat, and Velo the dinosaur are preparing lunch for Velo’s aunty. However, they discover some ingredients are missing! Unless these three friends work something out, there may be no lunch at all!

This story explores how to work as a team and that, sometimes, you have to deal with the unexpected. Jax, Sheba, and Velo Make Lunch tells the story of how these three friends work together when unexpected things happen.

This short, beautifully illustrated story is designed for ages two to six.

A fun tale to read alone or with others.

Agile Confusion: A Quick Understanding of the Basics and Application by Chris Lewis is also on Whizbuzz Books.

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Jax, Sheba and Velo Make Lunch : Chris Lewis

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