Dancing Stones : Rebecca Smee

Dancing Stones : Rebecca Smee

Dancing Stones : Rebecca Smee

Fifteen-year-old Teya Mamani is no normal teenager. Her smart mouth hides the damage and chaos inside, and only her secret self-harming allows any relief from her demons. She just wants to hide, but her mother is hell-bent on sending her to Peru. After all, she’s half Peruvian. But how many Peruvian girls have flaming red hair and massive, freakish green eyes?

But when she finds herself in Peru, her sanity seems to teeter even more. She is plagued by sinister black birds and terrifying nightmares. Then there’s the mysterious black-haired boy. James Dean of Peru, they call him. What is he into? Black magic? Gangs? Or is he simply a lost soul, just as damaged as her?

The closer she climbs towards the lush, mystical mountains of her ancestors and the ruined city of Machu Picchu, the stranger things become. Is there some magnetic force that distorts reality, or is it delirium, caused by the effects of altitude?

Or has she simply fallen under the dizzying spell of first love?

But when she is forced into a savage world where darkness and despair threaten at every turn, and ancient, malicious forces seem to have some secret plan for her, Teya must find the strength to fight, to stop the horror that will change the course of history forever.

But time is strange. And time is running out.

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