Countess Jacqueline : Gail Meath

Countess Jacqueline : Gail Meath

Countess Jacqueline : Gail MeathHundreds of books have been written about great female rulers in Europe through the years. Less than a handful recount the life of young Countess Jacqueline, who spent years fighting against the powerful Philip of Burgundy, sacrificing her freedom, her dignity and her one true love, to protect her county and retain her rightful title.

In 1416, Jacqueline is thoroughly devoted to her country and inherits the countship of Holland at the age of sixteen. Determined to reign on her own, she disregards her assembly’s demands to marry and leads her army to victory in their first defensive battle. Yet, she stands in the deadly crosshairs of the powerful Duke Philip of Burgundy – who holds a grudge against her from years back – and every other male ruler in Europe…save one.

Renard Borselen, Lord of Metz, resents Philip using him as a pawn in a plot to crush Jacqueline’s efforts, but he’s curious to see her again and agrees to meet with the Dutch assembly. As he watches Jacqueline from a distance, he recalls the day they met years ago and a spark of excitement catches him, the first since the day. Against strict orders, he openly shifts his stance.

Yet, he is from the enemy camp and Jacqueline cannot trust him; there is hell to pay for defying Duke Philip, and a dark secret at Borselen Hall bars their way to their passion and unrelenting love.

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