Psyche Honor : Chrissie Buhr

Psyche Honor

“Silence filled the room, thick and palpable. No Elder Meeting had ever been this divided. Conflict had always existed towards something or someone else, and they came together to resolve it together. They’d disagreed many times, but they’d never been divided.” Until Sadie.

Sadie didn’t believe in werewolves until her girlfriend came to her rescue wearing fur. Billie, Beta of the Boise Pack, never dreamed she’d discover her mate is a Mage. After centuries of conflict between the two races, none could remember even a simple friendship between a Wolf and a Mage. Mates? Unfathomable.

Raised by Humans, even Sadie didn’t know she was a Mage until recently. For half her life, she’d abhorred the mental powers that marked her as a freak and terrified others. Keeping the promise she made to herself years ago, she refused to use her abilities to control the people around her. Few of the Wolves will look beyond her race, and only the Alpha’s promise keeps them from killing her.

Sadie wants to lie low, let the dust settle, and spend time with Billie. Instead an ancient Wolf appears and asks her to protect the pack against a Mage invasion. In order to protect her mate and the pack, Sadie must jeopardize everything and everyone she loves. She could lose Billie, the few friendships she’s formed among the Wolves, and the Alpha’s protection. She’ll meet others like her for the first time.


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Psyche Honor : Chrissie Buhr

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