Psyche Moon : Chrissie Buhr

Psyche Moon

Sadie can reach into your mind to discover anything she chooses, change a memory, and much more. She swore long ago she would never again use her abilities to control or exploit another being. She doesn’t know why she has power over the mind, but those who discover her abilities flee from her. People fear what they don’t understand, so she hides her powers.

Billie can hear a conversation two blocks away and smell the neighbor’s gardenias on your shoes. She notices everything in her surroundings and has physical strength and speed far surpassing any human’s. Beta of the local Wolf Pack and the second most powerful Wolf in the Pacific Northwest, she approaches life with confidence and pride.

Upon meeting, they discover a passionate and unusual connection between them that defies explanation. As their relationship quickly develops, they discover neither is an ordinary woman. Still they conceal those deeper truths about themselves, hiding their full nature from each other. Sadie lies for fear of rejection. Billie conceals the truth to keep a promise. In the dead of night, in fear for their lives, they must expose their secrets or die.

What could be more disturbing than discovering your girlfriend is a werewolf? Finding out you’re even more fearsome … and her Pack’s sworn enemy. “Mages cannot be trusted.”


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Psyche Moon : Chrissie Buhr

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