The Journey of Fallen Rock : Bill Merical

The Journey of Fallen Rock

The Journey of Fallen Rock A children’s story about family, character and our need to protect and preserve our natural resources. Travel with Fallen Rock from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific and see if he can return before his brother and be the next chief of their village. Meet Deer Crossing, Work Zone and other members of The Protectors of Our Land with Fallen Rock and learn about their group. Visit our web-site and see what teachers, students, parents and grandparents have said. Book Links Website On Amazon

An Abduction Revelation : Thomas Hay

An Abduction Revelation

An Abduction Revelation: The Comeback Kid Returns Who are the Abductors? Where do they come from? Where are they hiding? Do they even exist? A novel inspired by some true life experiences of the Author, when he discovered hidden revelations that that been buried in his subconscious for many years. An intriguing adventure filled with mystery, drama, romance, and comebacks. It is a journey beyond the border of reality and imagination. Book Links Website On Amazon    

Ella : John Crusey


Ella Deep in Appalachian coal country, Ella grows up hard at the hands of her abusive, alcoholic father. After high school, she’s asked out on her very first date, and it ends in rape. Then she meets Paul, the man she will marry — and the real trouble begins. Each time Ella is knocked down she gets up a little stronger and a bit more twisted. Eventually rage takes over and it’s her turn to call the dance. In her mind, several people need payback, and she’s going all out to settle up.   Book Links Facebook Twitter Amazon Author Page On Amazon  

Through A Mother’s Eyes : June White

Through A Mothers Eyes

Through A Mother’s Eyes, The Dana White Story June was a single, teenage mom who against all odds raises her only son to be a rich and powerful man. She worked hard to give him a better life and Dana becomes President and part owner of a multi-billion dollar, international empire. He becomes known worldwide and his fans treat him like a rock star every where he goes. Dana works around the clock for a number of years turning a bankrupt business into a money making juggernaut and making himself a multi-millionaire before the age of forty. He becomes ruthless in his business dealings and wipes out any and all competition that come along. June watches as this ruthlessness spills

L’Immortalite : T.R. Heinan


L’Immortalite: Madame Lalaurie and the Voodoo Queen By turns comedic and macabre, L’immortalité: Madame Lalaurie and the Voodoo Queen is an irreverent horror story drenched in the excess of its nineteenth century southern Louisiana landscape. It is based on the real life events of New Orleans’ Lalaurie Mansion, involving an elite society woman and the barbaric treatment of her slaves. This novelization begins in the city’s St. Louis Cathedral where lay sacristan Philippe Bertrand has become a recluse after the loss of his mother and wife. When a mysterious force upends his life and leads him to the shadowy mansion of Delphine Lalaurie, he meets Elise, a slave girl who has been brutalized by Delphine. After the mansion matriarch demands

The Gift : Jonathan Lynch

The Gift

The Gift Michael is a 17 year old boy who has no friends, has never kissed a girl, and keeps a diary documenting his miserable existence. But his worst problem is the atrocious bullying that eventually leads him to try and take his own life. But when his suicide attempt fails under strange circumstances Michael has no explanation for it. That is until he finds a message left by a stranger offering him a chance to avail of The Gift. The Gift – all of the hearts greatest desires for the price of a handshake and a favour, to be carried out when Michael is a very old man. When Michael accepts The Gift his life is transformed. Money, success,

The Nothingness of Ben : Brad Boney

The Nothingness of Ben

The Nothingness of Ben Ben Walsh is well on his way to becoming one of Manhattan’s top litigators, with a gorgeous boyfriend and friends on the A-list. His life is perfect until he gets a phone call that brings it all crashing down: a car accident takes his parents, and now he must return to Austin to raise three teenage brothers he barely knows. During the funeral, Ben meets Travis Atwood, the redneck neighbor with a huge heart. Their relationship initially runs hot and cold, from contentious to flirtatious, but when the weight of responsibility starts wearing on Ben, he turns to Travis, and the pressure shapes their friendship into something that feels a lot like love. Ben thinks he’s