Excerpts From the Heart of a Mom : Jennifer Laurent

Excerpts From the Heart of a Mom

Excerpts From the Heart of a Mom Excerpts from the Heart of a Mom was originally written as a gift to my son. This book contains 25 conscious parenting concepts that help parents foster their children’s innate wisdom and keep children connected to their authentic selves. The book is not intended to be read as a “how-to” but rather a heartfelt offering of ways to consciously connect with our children. Its intention is to inspire parents to open their minds and hearts, and connect with the fulfillment, joy, and peace of parenting. Book Links Website Facebook Amazon Author Page On Amazon    

Earning a Motorcycle : Pete Thompson

All I Needed to Know About Projects

All I Needed to Know About Projects, I Learned As A Kid Shoveling Snow: Earning a Motorcycle [ . . . ] it didn’t matter, because one word, “sure” in the context of motorcycle ownership, gave Pete permission to buy one. All he had to do now was earn the money. [ . . . ] When Ms. Strickland answered the door she looked at the stoop and noticed that it had been shoveled. Since they were both holding shovels, the first thing she said in a rhetorical tone was “Did you guys do that? Thank you” Before they could get a word out, she continued with “I guess you are here to shovel my drive! Or did you do

A Poet’s Passion : Jim Traylor

A Poet's Passion

A Poet’s Passion Passion! Take me into your arms, Embrace my eager body. Guide me through my brief existence, That I might know And have And be All that life does offer. Passion! Fuel my thirsty soul With the fury of your flames. Light my path to prosperity, And the madness of amour. Passion! Intoxicating elixir, Give me drink from your magic chalice, Whet my appetite with ambition, Strengthen my resolve. Quick, my passion! Push me ever forward. Look! The sky grows ashen, The sun will soon be setting. ~~~***~~~ Book Links Twitter Tumblr Amazon Author Page On Amazon  

Regina Guitar : Jim Traylor

Regina Guitar and other Short Stories

Regina Guitar and other Short Stories Regina Guitar and other Short Stories is a compilation of incarnate capsules: Flavored doses, seasoned with the human condition, and served up on the theatrical masks of tragedy and comedy. Here you will find it all from heartrending drama to goofy buffoonery. Entertaining story selections for those who love to read but have little time to do it. The Serpents of the Caduceus: An exploration of the subconscious mind, that dark and foreboding chamber, inaccessible from the phenomenon we call reality. This story deals the terrifying nightmares, psychotic delusions and horrid hallucinations that plummet through the tormented brain of a mortally wounded soldier. A Fish Story: This is a tongue in cheek tale of

The Monkey Soldiers : Jim Traylor

The Monkey Soldiers

The Monkey Soldiers Bloody war, erotic sex, stoned out drugs, delicious decadence, exotic locations, heart pounding action. This story brings together a menagerie of humans and primates who find themselves in a world of heroic action, comic absurdity, tearful sorrow and boorish behavior. Wartime love stories and erotic, tropical rhondavous counterbalance the hedonism and decadence served up by the biggest and hottest R&R bar in Bangkok Thailand: The FTA Club. While Lieutenant Thurgood could not control his voluptuous, blonde wife, he could control primates and his alliance with Hanuman, the Monkey God, made him one hell of a savage warrior. Unaware of his Channeling and Telepathic abilities, he felt an irrefutable compulsion to work secretly with the CIA, to create

A Change of Needs : Nate Allen

A Change of Needs

A Change of Needs An affair, it was never about “romance,” only lust… But lust became love, love begot jealousy, obsession, betrayal and ultimately self redemption …sorta? And if love is a drug …affairs are its “crack.” “A Change of Needs” is the story of one man’s crooked path through life that leads him to a married woman’s doorstep and the “straight and narrow” path she has taken that leads her to inviting him inside. What follows is a unique, atypical, often uncomfortable modern-day love story about what happens when one ordinary man accepts the invitation to cross that imaginary boundary each of us draws around our life that defines us. Jake Arnett was a rogue, solitary man with an

Warpaint : Stephanie A. Smith


Warpaint A haunting tale of friendship and rivalry between three women artists, who’ve known each other for years, who must come to terms with imminent mortality and artistic frustration: Liz Moore, born poor in Minnesota, fought her way to New York in the 1920s, but isn’t “discovered” until late in life; C.C. Davis, a well-to-do New Yorker is Moore’s only student, and rival, who, just after WWII achieves some small success, but feels, as she faces cancer in 2002, a failure; and Quiola Kerr, part Ojibwe, once C.C.’s lover, who is caught in the middle, and who, as a painter in the 21st century, has the most doubts about art’s value in an electronic world. In April 2002, all three

Murder Made in Italy : Ellen Nerenberg

Murder Made in Italy

Murder Made in Italy – Homicide, Media, and Contemporary Italian Culture Looking at media coverage of three very prominent murder cases, Murder Made in Italy explores the cultural issues raised by the murders and how they reflect developments in Italian civil society over the past 20 years. Providing detailed descriptions of each murder, investigation, and court case, Ellen Nerenberg addresses the perception of lawlessness in Italy, the country’s geography of crime, and the generalized fear for public safety among the Italian population. Nerenberg examines the fictional and nonfictional representations of these crimes through the lenses of moral panic, media spectacle, true crime writing, and the abject body. The worldwide publicity given the recent case of Amanda Knox, the American student