Star Readers from Out of the East : D A NygaardStar Readers from Out of the East

Ancient star readers are amazed by a conjunction of stars, and connect the mysterious event with a long-ago prophesy by an exalted member of their order. Their quest to uncover this mystery becomes a dangerous marathon into a slave empire.  Deceit surrounds them and a frightening entity haunts them.

The journey carries the star readers through storms, battles, crossroads and palaces before finally leading them to a one-room mud hut in an insignificant village. Darker questions then confront them. Meres–a young aristocrat, and Jenu–a servant-healer, are swept up in this quest, and it changes their destiny.  What they witness will change the world.

An innovative re-telling of the journey of the wise men to Bethlehem. Respectful of the ancient text and historically accurate, Star Readers offers a logical rationale behind one of the world’s most mesmerizing stories.

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Star Readers from Out of the East : D A Nygaard

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