The Startup Hats : David Gardner

The Startup Hats

The Startup Hats : David Gardner

The Startup Hats : David GardnerThe Startup Hats: Master the Many Roles of the Entrepreneur

The Startup Hats is a street-smart, practical and entertaining guide to starting your company. It provides entrepreneurs with both the skills and attitude necessary to grow their ventures.

In this book David lays out a concise overview of each role every entrepreneur must master – from banker to salesman to manager. Unlike most professions that require that you master only one role, successful entrepreneurship dictates that you embrace multiple roles on a daily basis.

The ability to mentally switch between these roles is the secret to ensuring your startup will survive and thrive. Depending on your strengths and personality, you will gravitate towards some roles more than others but ignore any one of them at your peril. This is a must-read for aspiring, new and even seasoned entrepreneurs.

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