International Student Part One: Journey to America : JackaiInternational Student Part One: Journey to America

International Student: Journey to America (the first in a two-part series) captures the frustration and plight of African immigrant students in the first world countries. John Malinke, an African student from the Republic of Boluaké in Central Africa, travels to the United States of America for college, and in the process becomes exposed to the extremes of its society.

Leaving his parents and Emelda (his love interest and the hottest woman in his neighbourhood) behind, John enrols as a freshman at Rodeoville University in the city of Philadelphia. Suddenly out in the open to an entirely different world and culture, he struggles to maintain his family values and takes upon himself the role of an ambassador to his continent.

Forced to abide by strict immigration rules to maintain his status within the country, John is in for a long, tough ride. And just when he thinks he has found a new love, he discovers that the object of his affection has a secret that would be a prelude to much of the conflict he is about to experience…


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International Student Part One: Journey to America : Jackai

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