The Bank Holiday Murders : Tom Wescott

The Bank Holiday Murders

The Bank Holiday Murders : Tom Wescott

The Bank Holiday Murders : Tom WescottThe Bank Holiday Murders: The True Story of the First Whitechapel Murders

This multiple award-winning work of literary archeology lifts the veil of history and presents fresh discoveries and new revelations regarding the early murders of Jack the Ripper.

It eschews the tired approach of unsatisfying ‘final solutions’ in favor of solid research and logical reasoning, and brings the reader closer to Jack the Ripper than ever before. Indie Reader named The Bank Holiday Murders the Best True Crime Book of 2014.

Among the revelations are:  New information linking the murders of Smith & Tabram to the same killer(s). • Proof that the police did not believe key witnesses in either case. • Proof that at least one of these witnesses was working with the murderer. • New evidence connecting many of the victims that may lead to their actual slayers. • Information on Emily Horsnell, the ACTUAL first Whitechapel murder victim. • The hidden truth of ‘Leather Apron’ and its role in unraveling the Ripper mystery. • Proof of a corrupt police sergeant who thwarted the investigation. Was he protecting the Ripper?

Available in paperback and eBook format.

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