The Very First Bible : A.W. Mitchell


The Very First Bible : A.W. Mitchell

The Very First Bible : A.W. MitchellAfter 2,000 years of political editing, additions, deletions, theological focus groups and sloppy translations, the modern bible has more in common with modern art than it does with the very first Christian bible as it was originally transcribed.

Now you can read the original gospel and scriptures in their pure unadulterated form as they were after being gathered by Marcion of Sinope in 144 A.D. But it’s what’s not in The Very First Bible that will surprise you – did you know it didn’t contain the Old Testament or stories of its god?

The Marcionite Church, which at one point had millions of adherents and was larger than the Catholic Church, was founded on The Very First Bible and the belief that the Old Testament was incompatible with the teachings of Christ.

This special first edition includes illustrations along with a Study and Reference Guide where you’ll learn about the key people and events surrounding The Very First Bible and the Marcionite Church – and the suppression of both for 2,000 years.

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