Gone But Not Forgotten : Jacqueline Brindle


Gone But Not Forgotten : Jacqueline Brindle

Gone But Not Forgotten : Jacqueline BrindleGone But Not Forgotten

A young couple falls in love and marries. They want to start a family. Their love is strong, and life is wonderful until the fateful day when everything changes.

Is it her fault? Maybe. His fault? Possibly. Does it matter? No. How do they cope? More tragedy befalls the couple. They endure it though, eventually life is great again. They do not walk away from the tragedy unscathed though.

Then the unthinkable happens, how is it possible? Will there ever be peace. When they feel like they cannot go on that is when their inner strength emerges and they persevere. Will there be a happy ending for this brave little family? Perhaps…. but then again perhaps not.

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