The Stone Killer : Dreamah H. Lockwood


The Stone Killer : Dreamah H. Lockwood

The Stone Killer : Dreamah H. LockwoodHomicide Detective Lieutenant Jonas Black knows monsters walk the city streets. They’re disguised as ordinary citizens. But, that civilized mask hides a dark killer waiting to unleash evil on someone. Years ago, one such monster beat, raped and killed his girlfriend, Kelly Burton, in Texas.

Jonas is haunted by dreams of a shadowy figure from her unsolved murder. Now, such a madman prowls the streets of Colorado Springs, Colorado

Morgan Jansen finds it difficult to love her identical twin sister, Marilyn Heddrix. Especially after she sleeps with her rotten husband, Andrew. But, their psychic bond keeps them aware of the each other’s presences.

When Morgan awakens early one morning in horrible pain, she knows Marilyn is in trouble. After Lieutenant Black and Sergeant Esperanza Ortiz, appear on her doorstep, Morgan learns her sister has been murdered. Now, she would forgive even her sister’s betrayal to have her back. But dead is dead, or is it?

Karma demands its due. Marilyn must pay for her sins. She returns as a ghost to offer snippets of information about her killer. But, she can’t identify him.

As the madman strikes again, Morgan tries to explain Marilyn’s message. The Lieutenant looks at her as if she’s nuts. Her efforts to describe the strange bond between twins is impossible. He doesn’t believe her or their unusual abilities. Jonas Black thinks Morgan Jansen is a little crazy with her claim of a psychic connection to her twin. But, he would like to believe her. Is it because of the attraction he feels? She does take his breath away.

Five murders later, one even a cop, the killer sets his sights on Morgan. It’s a race to find the killer before she becomes his next victim and Jonas Black loses another woman he loves to murder.

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