The Reason for Time : Deborah Court

The Reason for Time : Deborah Court

The Reason for Time : Deborah CourtMaggie Dunn, Alison Budge and Wolfe Corbyn arrive in Toronto on the same flight from London. Sullen but feisty Alison is running from her troubled past in Scotland, hoping to make a new beginning. Wolfe has been banished for crimes he committed at his father’s London bank. Maggie is coming home, to confront her past, reclaim her life and perhaps finally, to stop running.

The three team up, and their fresh start begins well. But Maggie’s health is failing. She is sick and confused. Could her thirty-year age reversal be unravelling? Is her body unable, finally, to sustain her transformation, a year and a half earlier, from a woman in her mid-sixties to a woman in her mid-thirties? To whom can she turn?

Together with her failing health, Maggie is faced with a shadowy pursuer who is determined, this time, not to let her slip through his fingers. When the crisis comes, Alison finds that her friend’s fate is more shocking than anything she could have imagined.

Will the determination of Maggie’s friends be enough to save her?

When Bodies Fall and Summer’s Lie by Deborah Court are also on Whizbuzz Books.

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