The Raygin War : Larry Gerovac

The Raygin War : Larry Gerovac

The Raygin War : Larry GerovacThe great exodus from old earth occurred thousands of years ago as the sun began its death cycle. Scientists located ten habitable planets and the entire population left in large cryogenic ships for their new homes.

A single ship containing the entire Indian Nation experienced a computer glitch causing the passengers and crew to remain in a frozen sleep.

The ship sailed right past Deca, which should have been their new home. In time, life support systems began to fail and emergency protocols were initiated.

The computer found the nearest suitable planet capable of sustaining life, entered orbit, and woke up the crew. The planet’s gravitational pull was equal to two and one-half times that of earth.

Life would be very difficult, but possible. After many deaths and hardships, the Peoples Nation began to thrive.

Their human cousins continued to spread amongst the stars.

The Peoples Nation developed faster than light travel in the form of a singularity drive.

Things were going good until an alien scout ship made first contact by attacking the chief’s unarmed ship. The chief’s crew manages to defeat the aliens as they attempted to board his ship. The Peoples Nation captures the alien vessel and begins to prepare for war.

Twenty-five years later the humans discover the Lost Peoples Nation and their war fleet just as the aliens return with a gigantic invasion fleet.

The humans and the Peoples Nation combine forces and put all their hope of winning the war into a single person. Mac, he is an old school soldier that started his military career in the sniper corps. He is a self-taught killer with extraordinary skills. The question is does he have enough talent to neutralize the alien invasion, or is humankind about to become slaves to a race that evolved from Carrion beetles?

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