The Parents’ Phrase Book : Whit Honea

The Parents’ Phrase Book : Whit Honea

The Parents' Phrase Book : Whit HoneaThe Parents’ Phrase Book: Hundreds of Easy, Useful Phrases, Scripts, and Techniques for Every Situation

If ever there was a time when words mattered, this is it. Conversations are harder by the minute, especially with children, and “The Parents’ Phrase Book” can help. “The Parents’ Phrase Book” is a guidebook to empathy, filled with suggestions, consequences and inspiration. Inside are the careful lessons curated from Honea’s own experience as a father, coach, and speaker—as well as a career covering parenting for several major publications—each presented in engaging prose with understanding, honesty and good humor. “The Parents’ Phrase Book” is a resource for our times.

“The Parents’ Phrase Book” takes common situations faced by parents and offers sage suggestions on how to best react and respond, providing options that work well and those that have been proven not to, explaining each in thoughtful, plain, and often humorous detail. Whether parents are seeking advice on fibs, “the talk,” religion, bullies, death, school, pop culture, racism, responsibility, sibling rivalry, the news, or countless other topics, they will find helpful discussion about it in “The Parents’ Phrase Book.”

Beyond the obvious, that being a fun and practical book about parenting and communication, “The Parents’ Phrase Book” is part self-help, the reconnecting with one’s own inner child, and also a love note to the wonders of childhood all around us. In fact, the applicable lessons covered in “The Parents’ Phrase Book” should not be contained to parents only, but any caregiver, educator or human being that ever talks to another. There is something for everyone.

“The Parents’ Phrase Book” can help smooth the edges off parenting; encourage empathy, strength and kindness; and bring the conversations that all of society needs to have to the forefront, where we can work together toward a better now and a brighter tomorrow. Also, dad jokes.

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