The Murder of a Memory : Paul Beattie

The Murder of a Memory : Paul Beattie

The Murder of a Memory : Paul BeattieThe Murder of a Memory

Avery Goodchild is a spook out on a limb. At the height of the Weimar Republic, Berlin is the reddest city in Europe but what has the march of Marxism brought? For him, not much. It’s time to cut his ties with the Party. The freshly covered corpse of that failed operation in Albania is starting to smell. It’s time to run. If he plays his cards right, he can sell what he knows in London, it might just save his life.

In London, Jasper Lewingdon can’t forget or forgive. Over a year has passed since he helped strangle that squalid little plot in Albania. A year to mull over what happened while those that sent him could forget it ever happened, pretend it never did. He can’t pretend. He has to get close to the clique that controlled the conspiracy, expose them, make up for his mistakes. Most importantly, he has to atone for not putting a bullet in Avery Goodchild when he had the chance.


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