The Ghosts of Manor Ren : Helen G Huntley

The Ghosts of Manor Ren : Helen G Huntley

The Ghosts of Manor Ren : Helen G HuntleyThe dark, gloomy manor had been haunted for a hundred years…or so they all believed.

No one ever knew what really happened on that day in 1845, when Reilly and Lon Ren mysteriously disappeared. The bodies were never found.

It’s now 1945, and Claude Wallace doesn’t believe in ghosts. He needs that property for its location and a place to deposit his daft but necessary wife.

By the time Reilly and Lon are finished with Claude, he and his nefarious allies will all believe in ghosts.

The Ghost of Manior Ren is ostensibly a ghost story with a touch of fairytale, a little romance, a soupcon of sauciness, and a dash of tension.

It begins well with Loren Wallace arriving at the old manor house which is going to be her new home, purchased by her husband, Claude for her to stay in while he is away on business. Their marriage having been arranged by their respective fathers, Loren is feeling a little unsure about the situation she finds herself in and the fact that the house they are about to inhabit has resident ghosts does nothing to assuage her trepidation.

We learn a little about the ghosts in that they are brothers and one was a Lothario whilst the other one was driven to perform well in business and Huntley develops them as characters by showing their impressions of the new residents of their home. The mystery of who or what they are creates suspense. You also become aware that there is something odd about Loren and Claude’s marriage and this also creates mystery.

The creation of character is infused with humour and it is an easy read. There is no doubt that Huntley is a competent writer with a clear sense of direction in her story building as the action leads to a satisfying conclusion.

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