Patientology : Pamela J. Brink

When reading a book on victimology, Brink was struck with a number of parallels between those affected by criminal acts and what she had witnessed firsthand as a health professional in many hospital settings. As chair of an ethics review committee, Brink realized that health care professionals are so task-oriented that patients often take a back seat. Patients are objectified and expected to cooperate without question.

Patientology is a call to action. Brink outlines the areas of study she feels are necessary and suggests a method of studying staff attitudes toward patients to uncover out-of-awareness biases.

Many health care organizations are patient-centered rather than diagnosis or treatment centered. This book is not for these professionals. It is intended as a primer for nursing students, a reminder to nursing staff and an approach to teaching clinical nursing by nursing professors. Other health professionals may find parallels with nursing.

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Patientology: Toward the Study of Patients : Pamela J. Brink, RN, PhD, FAAN

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