The Far-Off Kingdom : Joseph S SamaniegoA young king is tested by forces wishing to conquer his lands – and from rebels within his own kingdom!

Two hundred years after the Gota settled on the Central Continent the world has moved on – but change is coming!

Queen Aiko of the Quarmi Domain wishes to cleanse the world of heretics and the Sile Emperor, Kishtos III, seeks a mythical kingdom of power.

Together they help a usurper regain his family’s throne but the puppet knows the truth. The old gods are never far away when such hatred and evil surround mortals.

Join the Kingdom of Lotcala, the Amazonian Queendom and their new dwarven allies as they battle the forces of evil in an attempt to protect their lands, their people and the mortal world!



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The Far-Off Kingdom : Joseph S Samaniego

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