The Demon’s Call : Philip C. Anderson

The Demon’s Call : Philip C. Anderson

What does the Goddess want of him?

Trent Geno has pondered that question since his wife disappeared twenty years ago at the War’s end.

During his time as a pumpkin farmer, he’s searched all over Coroth for any sign, even a whisper, of Lillie’s whereabouts, but for all anyone knows, she might as well have vanished.

Trent’s hunt has ended with him seeking passage to the most dangerous place he can imagine—the nether, the birthplace of the demon scourge that infests Coroth and sends it toward the brink of destruction every few centuries.

A new investigation has gotten him close, and now, as a favored servant of the king, Trent has realized that what is strange only gets stranger—if one just looks past the veil.

What will he find on the other side?


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