The Blackshade Machine : William D. Latoria


The Blackshade Machine : William D. Latoria

The Blackshade Machine : William D. LatoriaIt is October 22, 2072. America, Canada, and Mexico no longer exist. Canada and America have combined to form a new nation called Candaerica, which has taken over Mexico.

William Herbert Blackshade is a Colonel in the Candaerican Army Air Corp and is chosen by his country’s leaders to be the on-scene Commander when aliens land in Roswell, New Mexico. Upon making contact, the aliens (who refer to themselves as Omegas) make some startling claims about humanity, why we are on Earth, where we come from, and why we were brought into being.

As Colonel Blackshade’s relationship with the aliens matures, he discovers many new truths about the Universe, the Earth, Humanity, and the aliens themselves. He also has to decide if the aliens are trustworthy or if they have an ulterior motive for making contact with humans. Colonel Blackshade deals with the repercussions of the alien’s arrival, on both the alien’s side, and humanity’s.

As the aliens offer us new information about our origins, some of humanity rejoices at the knowledge, and some reject it. If Colonel Blackshade cannot figure out how to bridge the gap between human and Omega, the extinction of mankind is a very real possibility.

I wrote this book with the intent to engage, challenge, and entertain the reader. The aliens make some very interesting claims about humanity that I hope sticks with the reader long after they’re done with the book.

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