Singer’s Amazing Journey : Russell Smith

Singer’s Amazing Journey : Russell Smith

Singer's Amazing Journey : Russell SmithSinger’s Amazing Journey is a story about a female horse that was fathered by a guardian angel.

The story takes place thousands of years into the future after man contaminated the earth to the point that only a few humans remained. Of the few that did remain, most mutated over time into very different creatures.

Singer’s journey starts when she sprouts a pair of wings at a very young age. Living among mortal horses that had never seen a horse with wings, Singer has to endure extreme ridicule.

Singer’s mother explains to her that now that she has wings, the journey to find her father begins. Singer’s father lives in a spiritual place called The Mystic Forest.

Singer experiences many highs and lows along her journey. She learns of many new lands and she discovers creatures she never knew existed, experiences much adventure and gains wisdom and enlightens others along the way.

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