The Big Little Rainbow : Gordon D. Tucker

The Big Little Rainbow : Gordon D. Tucker

The Big Little Rainbow : Gordon D. TuckerThe Big Little Rainbow

Mark’s happiness quickly turns to fear when he is approached by two bullies. That all changes when a new friend arrives to help Mark…and to help the bullies?

A children’s book for all ages.

The Big Little Rainbow is a charmingly-written and beautifully-illustrated story about a special little rainbow who speaks to the child in all of us. It helps us understand that when we embrace and value our differences, we have the magic to stop senseless acts like bullying and discrimination.

The Big Little Rainbow encourages us all to imagine a world without war and a world filled with acceptance and inclusion.

The story’s message is heart-warming and inspiring. It helps us realize that just as different colors come together to create a beautiful rainbow, we can work side-by-side and embrace our differences to create a happier world.

Snuggle up with your little ones tonight and make The Big Little Rainbow your special bedtime story. Let them bring the positive, inspiring messages of the Big Little Rainbow into their dreams.

Acts of kindness today makes a happier world tomorrow.

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