Terra in Bloom : Sean Davies

Terra in Bloom : Sean Davies

Terra in Bloom : Sean DaviesA tale of super-powered survivors, plant-encrusted zombies, maniacal mutants, and intriguing twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Following the impact of an unknown extra-terrestrial object in the Atlantic Ocean, the Earth quickly finds itself overrun by new hostile flora, and a myriad of microorganisms that have mutated the planet’s lifeforms.

Some of humanity are resistant to the invasive microbes, and other rare individuals are completely immune, but most of the population have been mutated into creatures ranging from plant- and fungi-encrusted zombies to slug-infested psychic infiltrators.

Forced to survive in sealed-off domes or well-guarded ‘Clean Zones’, mankind now finds itself beset on all sides as the harsh alien ecosystem and its multitude of mutants dominate the planet.

Fifteen years after the fateful incident, Charlotte Wilkinson, a twenty-one-year-old Immune, is about to embark on a dangerous scavenging mission to find much needed guns and ammunition for her home, Clean Zone 14.

However, Charlotte and her comrades—the stern Dean Sampson and the fiery Eleanor ‘Thunder-face’ Jameson—are unaware that their destination holds more than simple supplies; the Earth’s future and the fate of mankind will soon be within their grasp.

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