Surviving C-Diff: A Patient’s Perspective : David and Monica Archer

Surviving C-Diff: A Patient’s Perspective : David and Monica Archer

Surviving C-Diff: A Patient's Perspective : David and Monica ArcherDid you know your gut contains good and bad bacteria? Did you know you have more than one thousand types of bacteria in your intestines? Have you heard that taking too many antibiotics kills off that bacteria? Fast facts: once the gut bacteria is destroyed, you could end up with a serious intestinal infection!

Some sources say a whopping 24 million pounds of antibiotics are prescribed each year! The extinction of our “inner garden” within our intestines is imminent! Bacterial resistance due to microbes destroyed is a vital concern, i.e. development of life-threatening “superbugs,” such as clostridium difficile (also known as C-Diff.)

We should all be concerned, as we are creating superbugs for which there will be no cure. Antibiotics change how the gut bugs/microbes interact with each other. C-Diff is proof of this!

Your health depends on healing your microbiome. We’ve found that diet is essential to the healing process. That’s why we’ve included some of our own recipes to help.

Do you realize obesity and microbiome are connected? The microbiome in obese individuals are altered. This long-term imbalance can cause health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

We need gut bacteria to fight pathogens. The earlier you give a child antibiotics, the more it can affect them later in life. We’re killing bacteria that help detoxify our bodies. In this book, we explain how to heal from C-Diff and feed gut bacteria, rather than eradicating them.

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