Strake : Michael Kahmann

Strake : Michael Kahmann

Strake : Michael KahmannStrake

“And what should we call you?”

“Strake, ma’am.”

“Strake? Is that a first or last name?”

“Just Strake, ma’am.”

“How does a man get named Just Strake?” He laughed and she liked it that he seemed to do it so easily.

“From my days at sea I suppose. When first I shipped out the older men said that’s all I was good for, to be plastered on the side of the ship. Everyone has one name when you’re busy.”

“You’re a sailor then?”

He could sense her interest. “Not any more, ma’am.”

STRAKE: An injury forced him off of the sea to do the only other job he felt qualified to do, working with horses. His small stake bought him a livery in a south Texas town, and more trouble than a Cape crossing in winter. Clive Portman, the wealthiest man in the county, controlled everything in the town of Paradise; except his daughter Kate and her twin brother Tyler.

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