Shadows of War: Rise of the Wraith Lord : Frigyes W. B.Frederick Darren, and his sibling Lelianna have been left alone to rule Winterkeep. However, Frederick must leave the warmth and comfort of his home, thus leaving his young sister with their father’s confidant, Pratt Blemish who travelled urgently to Winterkeep after the disappearance of King Eldred Darren.

Now that Gwendill is left by one ruler, the northern kingdoms have weakened and exposed. Seizing this shining opportunity Regent-Lord Walder Lancast of King’s Fall calls the banners to put a bloody end to the northern rebellion against the crown ― against the “Boy King” the thirteen-year-old ill-born King Tomas Lancast who sits on the diamond throne.

Frederick falls between hard decisions; honour or country, love or duty. The road ahead is paved with mystery, hatred, blood, betrayal, love and sorrow.

While humanity drowns itself in its blood, something more dark and sinister looms in the shadows at the far end of the world. A threat seemingly so distant but so imminent that it takes fate itself to act and force to open a blind man’s eyes.

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Shadows of War: Rise of the Wraith Lord : Frigyes W. B.

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