Seven Lonely Castaways : J.C. Cummings

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Seven Lonely Castaways : J.C. Cummings

Seven Lonely Castaways : J.C. CummingsSeven Lonely Castaways: A Gilligan’s Island Parody for Adults Only

Ahoy, fellow lovers of all things tropical and naughty! I present to you: “Seven Lonely Castaways: A Gilligan’s Island Parody for Adults Only.”

This fun and steamy tale features everyone’s favorite castaways as you’ve never experienced them before! Along with Gilligan, The Skipper, Mr. and Mrs. Howell, and The Professor are two of the most beautiful and lusted-after lovelies this side of Pago Pago: Ginger Grant and Mary Ann Summers, stars of every man’s fantasy for over fifty years—ever since these two beauties were first marooned in TV-land and gave every male on the mainland many a rise in their Levis, along with the inspiration to begin asking that primordial question:

Who’s better? Ginger—the hot, voluptuous, and wanton movie star temptress? Or Mary Ann—the sweet, innocent, and fetching farmgirl extraordinaire?

Frankly, between Ginger’s luscious, wide-hipped charms and Mary Ann’s sweet and tempting little curves, I can’t decide! Therefore, I leave that decision up to you, dear reader. You will be provided with ample peeping in on each of these cuties in order to help you arrive at your own answer to this still-hot question.

So, what would it be like to make sweet love with either of these legendary island princesses? Download your copy today and you’ll certainly find out. You are about to experience “tropical paradise” of a whole other order as we venture to a place where the TV cameras of yesteryear were never allowed to go!

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