Salvageable : Jean Baxter

Salvageable : Jean Baxter

Salvageable : Jean BaxterSalvageable

The trouble with trust is once it’s broken, it changes who you are and who you will become—forever.

Michael Jarrid’s eighteenth birthday is the worst ever. His ex-girlfriend announces she’s pregnant and accuses him of being the father—but he isn’t. He’s pretty sure he’s never had sex. His parents believe her version of the night in question. Mike feels betrayed by the people he most trusted. The future so neatly planned out for him is no longer rosy or even certain.

A mishap on his motorcycle introduces Mike to a neighbor who comes to his rescue. Lacey is going through a divorce, has a young son, and offers a nonjudgemental listening ear. It feels like he’s known her for a million years. One thing leads to another. Neither of them mean for it to happen, it just does.

His parents are beside themselves. One girl is threatening legal action over her unborn child and he’s head over heels in love with another, older woman. They issue an ultimatum. His decision fractures the family, also ending his college plans. Shortly after, Lacey dumps him. On his own, heart broken, and miserable, Mike has to decide–is anything about his life salvageable?

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