Connecting Happiness and Success : Ray White

Don’t wait until you reach success to become happier!

Most of us are relatively happy, but we are also aware of a deep sense that we could be happier. We believe happiness will come when we reach certain goals in our lives like getting married, buying a new home, getting a raise, a promotion, or a new job. So we forego a little happiness today and this week so we can reach those goals sooner.

Our challenge is the days and weeks turn into months and years.

The goals we thought would make us happy turn out to be just milestones on a long journey, and our happiness does not materialize like we had hoped. Happiness in the form of a deep sense of contentment, satisfaction, and fulfillment seems to be missing. This book will help by providing a clear plan on how to choose happiness and then leverage that happiness to become even more successful.

Don’t spend your life chasing success and hoping for happiness, learn how to connect happiness and success.

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Connecting Happiness and Success : Ray White

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