Stand and Deliver : Adrian Marshall

Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver : Adrian Marshall

Stand and Deliver : Adrian Marshall

Stand and Deliver: Chinese Takeaway Delivery Drivers Do It Szechuan Style

Picture the scene; in my early fifties I was made redundant from the world of IT, and judging that there was more chance of me seeing Lord Lucan riding Shergar to victory in the next St. Leger, than continuing in my chosen trade, I bade a fond farewell to the computer business and took the next logical and blatantly obvious career move. I would be a Chinese Takeaway Delivery Driver.

These are some of my experiences, in no particular order, as an ‘Oriental Comestible Transportation Executive,’ with liberal scatterings of general observations on life, the universe and everything. Most of the stories contain a certain percentage of poetic license, plus necessary name, location and setting changes, but there is more than a grain of truth in them all.

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