Psychology and The Near Death Experience : Roy L. Hill, Psy.D.

Psychology and The Near Death Experience

Psychology and The Near Death Experience : Roy L. Hill, Psy.D.

Psychology and The Near Death Experience : Roy L. Hill, Psy.D.Psychology and The Near Death Experience: Searching for God

Near death experiences tantalize the public’s interest in what lies beyond the final human breath.

Answers have been streaming by the thousands during the last few decades from people who have had them. However, grand designs can only be splendidly revealed by connecting thousands of NDE accounts like a jigsaws puzzle.

In his groundbreaking book, Psychology of the Near Death Experience, Roy L. Hill roughly sketches God’s canvas by integrating hundreds of NDE testimonies within the context of human psychology.

As an inquisitive psychologist with strong spiritual roots, Roy’s book uniquely mixes academic curiosity with a deep reverence for the sacred. The reader can expect exposure to profound spiritual insights throughout the book. Systems of meaning will be challenged, new purpose will be defined, and the nature of self will be primed for discovery.

Dr. Roy Hill covers diverse number of topics that include the true meaning of the NDE, the nature of soul, personal mission to serve the God in love, knowing how to love, spiritual beings, lost souls, God’s diversity, the purpose of time, and the need for global spiritual transformation. Roy also includes several amazing case interviews with people who had near death experiences. Through this presentation, it is hoped that Psychology and the Near Death Experience may aid the spiritual explorer in their search for God.

Roy L. Hill, Psy.D. has worked as a clinical psychologist for over twenty years. During his professional career, Roy supervised prison departments, managed mental health programs, provided general clinical services, and actively participated in crisis management teams. Despite a rewarding career, Roy believes that his most important work lies ahead; lending voice to our ambassadors from heaven.

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