Phoenix Rising : C.S. Wade

Phoenix Rising : C.S. Wade

Phoenix Rising Anunnaki Wars : C.S. WadePhoenix Rising: Anunnaki Wars

A prince awakens from a fiery crash in an unknown time. His people legends fading into the mist of time. Long forgotten.

Sinister enemies hide in the shadows spreading chaos as they pit empire against empire. Whispers of foul deeds and unspeakable acts proliferates as death spills across battlefield’s.

Riders of the Solar Sailors carry news of the unrest to the Council of Nine and the High Temple of the Seer of Radiance as they travel the great energy currents.

Ghost walkers, powerful mysterious, priest and priestess of the temple are sent to investigate. What they discover is an elusive, and savage enemy.

At the center of the whirlwind is control for the Anunnaki Empire. It’s the maelstrom from which blood will flow as the wrath of war rises.

Into this anarchy a young queen, her consort, and two powerful brothers fight for the very survival of their people. The past entangled with the present. Forced to sacrifice for love, house, and empire.

This is the first book of a sweeping space opera spanning galactic empires and generations. Full of mystery, intrigue, romance, and adventure. The rise and fall of powerful alliances fill the pages of this magnificent saga, Anunnaki Wars an epic series sure to delight Science Fiction/Ancient Aliens fans everywhere.

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