Persuasive Discipline : Carmen Y. ReyesPersuasive Discipline : Using Power Messages and Suggestions to Influence Children Toward Positive Behavior – Expanded Edition

“Persuasive Discipline: Using Power Messages and Suggestions to Influence Children Toward Positive Behavior—Expanded Edition” is an education and teaching book by Carmen Y. Reyes, The Psycho-Educational Teacher. On this innovative guide, readers venture into the fascinating realm of persuasive communication, learning 40+ persuasion-based techniques that influence positive behavior in children.

The most compelling lesson learned in this child discipline guide is that, to get better compliance from children, parents do not need flamboyant techniques or procedures; they just need better communication and persuasion skills. Generally speaking, persuasion is the process of communicating using just the right words to get the positive outcome we want.

Most specifically, in persuasive discipline, parents use specific language patterns and ways of talking to shift their child’s attitude and mindset from adversarial to cooperative. Simply put, when we persuade, we control and change behavior. Some of the techniques introduced in this book may be part of any parent’s repertoire already; we just need to be aware of their rich influential value, so that we learn how to articulate our messages in a constructive and influential way.

Other techniques, although well-known by persuasion experts, are less familiar to the average parent. Carmen Y. Reyes guides readers in how to easily apply these powerful techniques to the home setting.

Persuasive Discipline : Carmen Y. Reyes

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