My View from the Summit (VFS) : Nicole Thomas

My View from the Summit (VFS) : Nicole Thomas

My View from the Summit(VFS)

She’s spent a good portion of her life in search of happiness—struggling to find her place, and to discover her worth. But if there’s one thing Nicole Thomas has figured out, it’s that every experience contains an important lesson, and that God has been there for every step along the way.

So with that knowledge, she began to blog. From the ins and outs of divorce and child-rearing, to important conversations with friends, her everyday reflections have served as a creative outlet, documenting moments of laughter, tears, joy, and sorrow.

Now, for the first time in print, Thomas’s blog entries make up an intimate and fascinating portrait of a life—one that is far from perfect, but filled with inspirational lessons that she (and readers) will never forget.

Sometimes lighthearted, at times touching, but always thoroughly relatable, My View from the Summit is a compilation of the most impactful stories from Thomas’s blog—each one containing a profound “gem” of wisdom to accompany the author’s unique voice and worldview.

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