Murder Across the Street : Alisa SchindlerMurder Across the Street

Could a murderer be living across the street from Molly Davis? Could her neighbor, the same civilized, middle-aged man wearing peach Izods and waving amiably while getting his mail have actually killed his wife? Or could, as her husband and friends seem to think, she be dreaming up the whole sordid affair? Could she once again be creating some drama in her tedious, suburban mom life?

But she wasn’t imagining the sketchy phone call she overheard and she wasn’t imagining the blood she saw staining the sidewalk. So maybe she shouldn’t have taken her baby and followed him, and maybe she shouldn’t be snooping around his house, but once Molly’s nose gets a scent it goes straight to her head. And her nose smelled murder.

With her three kids in tow, a mean batch of cookies in her arsenal and her husband pulling out the last hairs on his head, Molly embarks on a fact-finding adventure to find out there’s a crazy man loose in the suburbs or if she’s just the crazy one.

Murder Across the Street : Alisa Schindler

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