Contracted to Die : M J Instone

Contracted to Die

Contracted to Die : M J Instone

Contracted to Die : M J InstoneContracted to Die

Captain James Diamond, VC is a Royal Marine hero who has fallen from grace. Down on his luck and living a reclusive existence he is unexpectedly offered a lifeline.

For the first time in years things are starting to look up until they go horribly wrong. Whilst relaxing on his publicist’s private island he is taken hostage along with five others in an audacious attack by Somali pirates. Incarcerated in an old colonial prison he is now in a nightmare world where he must compete against the other hostages in a series of terrifying challenges where the loser pays with their life.

As one by one they are executed James begins to wonder whether everything is quite what it seems. It would appear that he should have read the small print on his contract.

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