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LINK : Lucella Campbell

LINK : Lucella CampbellLINK

New Novel ‘LINK’ – An inspirational and timely story that seeks to reignite the memory of Humanity’s Shared Spiritual Core

Link, an adventuresome, formless entity gets fascinated with Earth during his explorations of other worlds from his non-physical realm, Altura.

However, because he is formless, he can observe but cannot truly experience what it is to be physical. He wants to have this experience. That desire grows and eventually he chooses to trade his non-physical state, to become human.

Link’s discovery of his physical condition following his transfer to Earth takes him through a series of shocks, as he uncovers up close and personal, the alienation from the whole that is the human condition and the psychic and physical heaviness of being human.

It is in this state of self-discovery that Dax, a curious, lovable 12-year old boy, and the village favorite, comes upon Link (the new human) naked.

The first of many conversations unfolds in which Dax, along with the reader, gets acquainted with the higher consciousness of Link’s non-physical, timeless world which is a reflection of the true home, that we have long forgotten, caught up as we are in the distractions and conflicts of life on Planet Earth.

Through Dax and his grandmother, Link is introduced to the village, and there he begins his journey of understanding the complicated nuances of the human condition, while attempting to create a link to and remembrance of that other world that we have long left behind.

‘LINK’ is published in ebook format by and is now available at popular online retailers including,, and Apple’s iBookstore.

Review copies of ‘LINK’ are available to media contacts upon request. Lucella Campbell is available for interviews.
Lucella Campbell

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