Ageism Activism : Judy Hanna

Ageism Activism

Ageism Activism : Judy Hanna

Ageism Activism : Judy HannaAGEISM ACTIVISM: Deadly Secrets Revealed That Could Save Your Life

AGEISM ACTIVISM exposes the sheer magnitude of homicides of millions of people age 60 and older that are undetected and unpunished.

What if someone or something caused the premature death of your parents, grandparents, friends, and no one even suspected a crime, and they got away with it? AGEISM ACTIVISM exposes how and where the crimes occur, and how you can save yourself from the dangers while armed with information before you or a family member become a victim.

Ageism, the illegal acts of discrimination and stereotyping because of age is putting people over 60 at risk of premature death, and due to trust, into tragic endings.

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