Flesh Worn Stone : John A Burks Jr.

Flesh Worn Stone

Flesh Worn Stone : John A Burks Jr.

Flesh Worn Stone : John A Burks Jr.Flesh Worn Stone

Steven Alexander awakes from a drug-induced coma in a cage on a pristine tropical beach, his head covered with a burlap sack and numbers tattooed on his right arm.

Besides his wife, Rebecca, he doesn’t know any of the four other people in blue prison-style coveralls. As the others come out of their own stupor, he remembers the masked and armed men breaking into his suburban Houston home and the murder of his two sons. The group has nothing in common besides the location and the manner of their brutal kidnappings.

Unbeknownst to Steven, he and his fellow prisoners are now part of the Cave, a Colosseum-sized cavern populated with savage cannibals. And they are about to play the Game.

The Cave is a prison like no other–a prison run by the prisoners, and the rules must be strictly adhered to, less one find themselves as the evening meal. The Cave dwellersí lives revolve around the Game, a modern-day rendition of the Colosseum of ancient Rome, where they must compete in acts of murder, rape, and self-mutilation for the amusement of those who watch from behind one-way mirrors, people they never see or hear. Refusal to participate means the dinner pot, and losing means a fate literally worse than death.

Steven soon learns the true meaning of not just slavery, but of abject and relentless hopelessness as he struggles to not only survive, but escape the horrors of the Game.

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